Class Schedules
Yoga for Women

Parent and Baby

Thursday - 10.30am@ Allsaints Youth &

Community Hall, Didcot

Baby Massage 

Tuesday - 11.30am @Allsaints Youth

& Community Hall, Didcot

Yoga for Parents and babies & Baby Massage

Parent & baby Yoga classes run on a Thursdays in Didcot. They are specifically tailored for new parents, allowing you to strenghten and build your fitness safely and gently after birth as well as providing a safe judgement free space to bond with your baby. 

Classes run in term time blocks, and are suitable from between 6-10 weeks after birth or babies from 6 weeks old.

Baby Massage classes are suitable from newborn and is a lovely way to connect with your baby whilst learning envaluable techniques to aid sleep, growth,trapped wind etc. 

5 Week Course includes a digital home practise sheet.

Strength & glow


This is a dynamic class, with targeted focus on core strength and stability. Enjoy 60 mins of dynamic yoga, and igniting the deep core with a strong yoga flow. Strength  classes are perfect for anyone wanting to compliment an existing fitness routine or looking to build stamina and even aid weight loss.

Book per class or purchase a class pass.

Suitable for all levels - booking essential

Yoga for pregnancy

Yoga classes suitable for all levels and can be adjusted for pregnancy from around 14 weeks gestation. These classes are safe for pregnancy and combine birth preparation with yoga postures (asana). Yoga  allows parents to be to start preparing for that big day, whilst still maintaining physical strength.

Clasess are bookable in 6 week blocks, however you can start whenever you are ready. A pay as you go option is available if you are nearing the end of your pregnancy or approaching baby's due date.

Serenity & balance


If you are looking for a sanctuary away from it all then this is the class for you. Balance flow classes are designed to do just that, embracing the ebb and flow of our life's cycles and balancing hormonal influences for people experiencing a menstrual cycle, as well as deeply restorative yoga postures to ease the day away.

You can pay per class or buy a class pass.

Suitable for all levels




Barre Yoga Fusion

Set to high energy music, this class combines the precision of Pilates, alignment of yoga, technique of ballet and strength from sports conditioning to make for a dynamic workout that lifts the butt, tones the thighs, sculpts the arms and burns fat.

Booking a course is recommended to measure  progression but a drop in option is available.

H.I.I.T Yoga

High intensity Interval Training Yoga  - It's a mouthful but will certainly raise your heart rate and get the blood pumping. Traditional Hatha Yoga is fantastic for building strength, balance, stamina and tone , however in terms of cardio stimulation it doesn't really provide the neccessary intensity.

Hiit Yoga offers that added element of cross training and cardio vascular awakening required for  the body to burn fat and increase cardio fitness.

The best news is, sessions are only 40 mins long so perfect for a lunchtime burner with all the benefits and more of a 90 minute dynamic yoga practise.

Monday - 6.30pm @ Northern Neighbourhood Community Centre, Great Western Park

Wednesday - 7pm @The Loyd Lindsay Rooms


Purchase a 12 class Sheglow Class Pass to use on a flow or hiit class of your choice.

Wednesday - 8pm @

The Loyd Lindsay Rooms


Purchase a 12  class pass to use towards these classes.

Monday - 7.45pm @ Northern Community Hall,Great Western Park 

Tuesday - 8pm @ Northern Neighbourhood Hall, Great Western Park

   Thursday 12.15 - 12.55 @ Allsaints Youth and Community Hall, Didcot

Perfect for a lunchtime sizzler!

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