Women's Yoga Day Retreats

My name is Suzanne, I live in Didcot with my husband and 3 children. I have taught yoga for 10 years in and around South Oxfordshire.

My passion lies in bringing yoga to women of all ages, shapes, backgrounds and yoga experience.

It fills me with joy when I see ladies during pregnancy feel stronger and confident about their amazing bodies as  well as helping new mums have a moment of bonding with their babies or ladies of all ages rocking their yoga class before drifting off to sleep for some much needed 'me time'.

Sheglow yoga classes are unlike many classes you have attended before. They each have their own flavour or style, with added emphasis on yoga as therapy, strengthening your body and yoga's amazing benefits for fighting or recovering from illness, chronic conditions or body changes. I hope to help you find and develop your own unique yoga practise and do it your way.

Please take a look at all the classes I have to offer and hopefully I'll see you on the mat soon!

Pregnancy Yoga
Mum and Baby Yoga
Flow Yoga

Yoga  for Pregnancy

A beautiful gentle class, perfect for beginners and can be adjusted for pregnancy at any stage.

This class will allow you to continue your current practise safely or allow peace of mind when looking to stay strong and fit safely during pregnancy.

 Mummy and Baby

We all know that life is certainly never the same again after the arrival of our little bundles!

Choose from a Baby Massage class as babies are introduced to touch. Or join Mama Yoga where mummies can enjoy some yoga time just for mummy plus the babies come too!

Flow Yoga for Women

As women I believe our bodies are unique and should be celebrated as such. Sheglow Vinyasa and Hatha flow classes are safe and accessible. Yoga that recognises that women have curves, thighs, boobs and hormonal fluctuations that must be obeyed!

You can choose from Hatha flow Yoga perfect for balancing hormones, releasing tension in the body and easing anxiety.

Or if you're in the mood for something more dynamic, core strength vinyasa flow will fire up the core and build some heat.

Our next retreat day is coming!

Set in the tranquil village of Ardington, the Lloyd Lindsay Rooms provide the setting for this special yoga retreat day.
We will explore the custom of Ayurveda, yoga's sister in wellbeing for body and mind. As the summer months are a time of light and warmth.Learn how to balance this heat and over production of 'pitta' in the body with dedicated breathing techniques and soothing,cooling yoga practises throughout the day.
You will have the opportunity to join others or take yourself on a walk in the surrounding oxfordshire countryside,following a delicious vegetarian lunch.
As we wind down into the cooler late afternoon, enjoy a beautiful self care yoga practise and ending a transformational day with aromatherapy enhanced meditation.
You will leave feeling balanced and restored.

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