Welcome to Sheglowyoga

My name is Suzanne, I live in Didcot with my husband and 3 children.

I've been teaching yoga in and around South Oxfordshire for around 10 years now.

My passion lies in bringing yoga to people of all ages, shapes, backgrounds and yoga experience. The embodiment of these classes lie in the cyclical nature of  life's stages - living our yoga on and off the mat.

It fills me with joy when I see students embrace moving deeper into their practise, new parents have a moment of bonding with their babies or people of all ages rocking their yoga class before drifting off to sleep for some much needed 'me time'.

Sheglow yoga classes are unlike many classes you have attended before. They each have their own flavour or focus but are rooted in strengthening your body and honouring life's ebbs & flows.

As a registered Core Strength Vinyasa teacher all classes have an anatomy-informed flow yoga style with intuitive alignment, for a safer and stronger focus.

I hope to help you find and develop your own unique yoga practise and do it your way.

Please take a look at all the classes I have to offer and I hope to see you on the mat soon!

 Flow Yoga

I believe our bodies are unique and should be celebrated as such.

Hormones shift through life as we age and yoga can be a wonderful tool to help us honour our unique self.

You can choose from Serene balance Yoga perfect for balancing hormones, releasing tension in the body and easing anxiety.

Or if you're in the mood for something more dynamic, try strength and glow vinyasa flow to fire up the core and build heat.

Yoga  for Pregnancy

A beautiful gentle class, perfect for beginners and can be adjusted for pregnancy at any stage.

This class will allow you to continue your current practise safely or allow peace of mind when looking to stay strong and fit safely during pregnancy.

Parent and Baby

We all know that life is certainly never the same again after the arrival of our little bundles!

Choose from a baby massage class or join our parent and baby yoga. Classes are friendly, relaxed and always folowed with all important tea and biscuits.

 Yoga Day Retreats

Our next retreat day is coming!

I'm teaming up with the wonderful Jess Haworth from https://www.breakthe4thwall.com/

to bring you a day retreat with a difference.

Set in the tranquil Oxfordshire countryside, the Coaching Barn in LittleStoke is where we will gather together to explore the subject of Finfing You essence &  to Thrive.

Combining personal impact coaching & yoga you will not want to miss this. Step away from all your other roles in life to find YOU again - it's time to stop simply surviving and learn to Thrive.