Core Restore Programme

SheGlow Core Restore Programme

Whilst the cause of core and pelvic floor dysfunction may differ form person to person, the symptoms are all too common and often dismissed as 'one of those things'.

Symptoms of core and pelvic floor dysfunction can range from leaking urine (particualarly during activities such as lifting, running or jumping) being unable to hold urine in order to make it to a loo, pelvic organ prolapse,hernias, weakened abdominal strength, poor posture and back pain.

The Core Restore Programme is a 6 week intensive 1:1 therapy and introduction to the hypporessive technique for core rehabiliation. 


Hypopressive exercise was originally created by Marcel Caufriez as a breathing technique to be used in a clinical setting. A tool therapist could use to help post-natal women prevent and/or recover from pelvic floor dysfunction (incontinence, prolapse ).

This Hypopressive technique has become so much more than just a technique limited to those with pelvic floor dysfunction.

Hypopressive training has evolved into a Low Pressure Fitness program that is being used by both men and women of all ages who are seeking to not only restore their pelvic health but to train the true function of their core. 

The term ‘HYPOpressive’ refers to a decrease or reduction in pressure. This form of exercise reduces pressure to the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavities, where traditional exercises, abdominal training, gravity, as well as the majority of our daily activities are HYPERpressive – they increase intra-abdominal pressure.  It is not to say that doing these everyday activities and sports are bad for us, in fact most of what we do – even walking – increases this internal pressure. What we need to address is how well our bodies are able to manage these pressures and prevent the onset of injury/dysfunction.

If there is segment of the core that is not functioning optimally then the core as a whole will break down. Same is true for over training one segment of the core (often seen with abdominal and conventional core work ) without considering the negative impact it can have on the equilibrium of the core as a whole.

Traditional approaches to pelvic health and core exercise focus too much attention on one segment of the core at a time when the function of the core needs to rely on the synergy these deep muscles (pelvic floor, transverse abdominals, mulitifidus within the back) to balance and counter balance our everyday living.

The HYPOPRESSIVE exercise technique is a safe and effective way to train those muscles needed to withstand any problematic pressure that can result from our everyday living or exercise, and allow us to safely and confidently continue doing the activities we love. 


  • you are interested in preparing your body for pregnancy
  • you are ready to recover your pelvic health and safely improve your abdominal tone and diastasis recti after childbirth.
  • you aim to decrease waist size, improve posture, ease chronic back pain and or improve athletic performance


  • reduce and eliminate stress and/or urge incontinence
  • improve posture and reduce or eliminate chronic back pain
  • heal diastasis recti 
  • improve and prevent pelvic organ prolapse
  • prevent recurring hernias


  • 6 week 1:1 instruction 
  •  online support 
  • free monthly catch up session/ technique revision
  • manageable home practise advice

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