About me


I'm Suzanne 

I've been teaching yoga in and around South Oxfordshire for around 12 years.

My passion lies in bringing yoga to women of all ages, shapes, backgrounds and yoga experience. The embodiment of these classes lie in the cyclical nature of life's stages - living our yoga on and off the mat.

Sheglow yoga classes each have their own flavour or focus but are rooted in strengthening your body and honouring the ebbs & flows of life.

As a registered Core Strength Vinyasa teacher all classes have an anatomy informed flow yoga style with intuitive movement, for a safe yet empowering focus.

I hope to help you find and develop your own unique yoga practise and do it your way.

Please take a look at all the classes I have to offer and take what you need today. I hope to see you on the mat soon!


A calming Experience

I started off doing the pregnancy yoga class which I found was such a calming experience and Suzanne's advice made me feel confident and relaxed about labour. I moved on to the mum and baby yoga which I look forward to every week. It's a gentle restorative exercise and I always feel good after"


Fun and Varied

"I wouldn’t change anything about her or her classes for the WORLD. Classes are fun and varied providing exactly the right amount of mindfulness combined with real scientific anatomical experience meaning you know that you’re getting the best possible advice on how to move your body in the best way possible FOR YOU. Classes aren’t in any way intimidating and are filled with laughter and like minded people.

Suzanne is AMAZING and I can’t imagine life without her. She has changed my relationship with yoga and with my own body for the better and for good"


Getting the best

"Love Sheglowyoga, she makes the class fun and friendly, also she is so knowledgeable about her teaching and the way her class works for the body, it makes me feel confident I’m getting the best out of the HIIT Yoga session."