Learn how to improve pelvic floor and deep core connection with hypopressive therapy and 'safe core' techniques. Begin to understand the function of the core system in women, how to identify pelvic floor dysfunction and learn specific techniques to help improve pelvic floor and whole core function.

Join me for a Yoga day retreat dedicated to establishing YOUR body's natural rhythm

Embrace the opportunity to leave your day-to-day worries behind, connect with other amazing women, and learn how to navigate stressful modern living.

We'll be exploring how yoga can help reduce stress, improve your sleep cycle and hormonal health.
The day includes:

  • gentle immersive yoga classes
  • yoga nidra
  • delicious lunch and nature walk 
  • afternoon chocolate treats 

We will end the day with celebratory bubbles and a chance to bathe in the magic of the day, leave feeling refreshed and empowered to return to a living in rhythm.

10.30am - 5pm @ The Coaching Barn, Littlestoke, Wallingford